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Junior Leagues hold 25th Annual Food Drive on March 21 at Food City stores in Northeast TN and Southwest VA

Here’s one great way to make a difference. Help feed someone in need with a donation to the Junior League Food Drive March 21.

NORTHEAST, TN & SW VA –   The Junior Leagues of Bristol, Kingsport and Johnson City are holding one of the region’s largest food drives again this year at Food City Stores in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia. The Junior Leagues encourage everyone to help feed the hungry with a food donation in the March 21 Food Drive. Last year over 18,000 pounds of food was collected and Junior League members are asking the community to help them raise even more food this year.  This is the 25th year of the food drive and the Food Banks applaud The Junior Leagues for their ongoing commitment to helping feed people in need in the region.

Look for food collection bins at participating Food City locations on Saturday, March 21. Junior League Members will give out paper collection bags at participating Food City locations to encourage people to donate food. Promotional fliers will be in area newspapers that week with a list of stores and most needed items including canned and boxed goods such as meats, vegetables, pastas and fruits.

The need for food assistance in our region is at an all-time high. As many as 1 out of 5 people may live in poverty and 2 out of 5 children may be hungry. The Food Banks will collect the donated food from the Food City stores in their areas and distribute through food bank agencies that feed the hungry. Both Second Harvest Food Bank of Northeast Tennessee and Feeding America of Southwest Virginia are members of Feeding America, the Nation’s largest Food Bank Network. Food Banks rely on support from the communities they serve to help feed people in need. Everyone who is able is encouraged to donate to the Food Drive.

The Junior League is an organization of women committed to promoting volunteerism, developing the potential of women and improving communities through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable. Junior Leagues reach out to women of all races, religions and national origins who demonstrate an interest in and commitment to volunteerism.

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March is National Nutrition Month – We are sharing this good information on eating right and welcome your comments.

Eat Right

Food, Nutrition and Health Tips from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Eating Right on a Budget

Getting the most nutrition for your food budget starts with a little extra planning before you shop. There are many ways to save money on the foods that you eat. Here are some budget-friendly tips for eating right.

Plan what you’re going to eat

Before you head for the grocery store, plan your meals and snacks for the week. Review recipes for what ingredients are needed. Check to see what foods you already have and make a list of what you need to buy. When you shop with a list, you will be less likely to buy extra items that are not on it.

Decide how much to make

Making a large batch by doubling a recipe will save time in the kitchen later on. Extra portions can be used for lunches or meals later in the week, or freeze leftovers in individual containers for future use. Plus, foods purchased in bulk are almost always cheaper.

Determine where to shop

Check the local newspaper, online and at the store for sales and coupons, especially when it comes to more expensive ingredients, such as meat and seafood. While at the store, compare prices of different brands and different sizes of the same brand to see which has a lower unit price. The unit price is usually located on the shelf directly below the product.

Shop for foods that are in season

Fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season are usually easier to get and may be a lot less expensive. Your local farmer’s market is also a great source of seasonal produce. Just remember that some fresh fruits and vegetables don’t last long. Buy small amounts at a time to avoid having to throw away spoiled produce.

Try canned or frozen produce

At certain times of the year, frozen and canned fruits and vegetables may be less expensive than fresh. For canned items, choose fruit canned in 100% fruit juice and vegetables with “low sodium” or “no salt added” on the label.

Focus on nutritious, low-cost foods

Certain foods tend to be less expensive, so you can make the most of your food dollars by finding recipes that use the following ingredients: beans, peas, and lentils; sweet or white potatoes; eggs; peanut butter; canned salmon, tuna or crabmeat; grains such as oats, brown rice, barley or quinoa; and frozen or canned fruits and vegetables.

Watch portion sizes

Eating too much of even lower cost foods and beverages can add up to extra dollars and calories. Use smaller plates, bowls and glasses to help keep portions under control. Fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables and the other half with whole grains and lean meat, poultry, seafood or beans. This is an easy way to eat a balanced meal while controlling portions and cost. To complete the meal, add a glass of fat-free or low-fat milk or a serving of fat-free yogurt for dessert.

Make your own healthy snacks

Convenience costs money, so many snacks, even healthy ones, usually cost more when sold individually. Make your own snacks by purchasing large tubs of low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese and dividing them into one-cup containers. For trail mix, combine nuts, dried fruit and whole grain pretzels or cereal; store small portions in airtight containers. Air-popped popcorn and whole fresh fruits in season also tend to cost less compared to pre-packaged items.

Cook more, eat out less

Many foods prepared at home are cheaper and more nutritious. Also, convenience foods like frozen dinners, pre-cut vegetables and instant rice or oatmeal will cost you more than if you make them from scratch. Go back to basics and find a few simple and healthy recipes that your

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