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URGENT! Loosing our Lead win $1 Million to fight hunger in our area! VOTE NOW

Little Girl with a Meal

Folks, we’re about to loose our lead, other communities are making a HUGE move. They’ve gained thousands of votes yesterday. This $1,000,000 would go so far to help our region to help the 93,000 people living in poverty in our Northeast Tennessee Region.  It doesn’t cost anything to help in this campaign only a few minutes of your time to vote on facebook.  Won’t you please vote for the next four days!  

Please vote for Johnson City (it’s really the whole region) by clicking the highlighted link below (Facebook). Please click the link below to help now:

Our mission is to feed the hungry by securing and distributing food and grocery products to non-profit agencies that provide services to the needy in the eight-county region of Northeast Tennessee.
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Top 4 Ways to Help End Hunger

How to Help Group

There are various ways that you can make a lasting, worthwhile contribution to the organization and help end hunger in Northeast Tennessee.  

DONATE YOUR MONEY : Your financial donations are crucial to our mission and objectives.  Please give to the Food Bank and feed hungry citizens in Northeast Tennessee!

DONATE YOUR TIME:  Volunteer opportunities exist for individuals, businesses, and school/church/civic groups.  Your volunteering spirit is needed to assist the Food Bank’s work of feeding hungry citizens

DONATE YOUR FOOD:   Second Harvest heavily relies on your food donations to successfully reach our mission.  Your donations are distributed to 200 partner agencies who then serve those citizens in need.  Realize the difference you can make in the lives of hungry people by making a food donation.

DONATE YOUR VOICE:  Word of mouth is one of the best types of promotion and advertising.  When you gave your time, money, and/or food donation to Second Harvest, you did so because you believed in the organization’s mission.  Help the Food Bank articulate its mission to your co-workers, church family, community organization, and/or elected officials.

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